Lanka Government Cloud Service Request Form

Lanka Government Cloud Service Request Form

Lanka Government Cloud Service Request Form

Lanka Government Cloud Service Request Form

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Terms & Conditions

Please read this guide prior to proceed with requesting the services.

Step-1: Are you ready? The system/ application which you plan to deploy in the LGC 2.0 shall be cloud ready.Upon the decision of the government organization with the respective approval of the Head of the Organization to use the LGC, an authorized person may request the services via the on-line form. Please ensure that a formal request signed by the Head of the Organization is ready with the scanned copy of the same (preferably a pdf document).

Step-2: Find out what you require: There should be an internal individual/ team or an outsourced party to undertake the initial deployment and maintenance work. It will be their responsibility to carry out the initial deployment including all the configurations and providing necessary support and maintenance work until the system/ application is live. The LGC facilitates with standard virtual servers of various types. The required resources shall be specified by selecting the types and count of each type. For this, the respective supporting documentation such as the deployment guide/ system architecture document shall be available.

Step-3: Prerequisite: The system/ application to be deployed in LGC shall conform to the followings;

  • (a) Adequately tested and quality assured.
  • (b) Audited for Information Security by the Sri Lanka CERT|CC (or any other similar entity), and necessary recommendations are implemented.
  • (c) Either internal or external party is available for carrying out the deployment and post-deployment maintenance work.

Step-4: Complete the form: An authorized person shall make the request on behalf of the government organization via this form. The scanned copy of the formal request made by the Head of the Organization shall be attached as a mandatory requirement. Upon completing the form, an email will be sent to the email address specified under the key contact for reference purposes.

Step-5: The request will be assessed by the LGC team. If further clarifications are required, the key contact person will be contacted. The request will be approved based on assessment criteria. The login credentials of the Admin Console of the LGC will be shared with the key contact upon approval.

Step-6: Self-service: The admin will be able to create user(s) to carry out the work using the self-service portal. [Alternatively, the same admin can proceed with the required deployment work]. Services can be self-provisioned subject to the quota allocated.

Support needed? Email : TP : +94 11 236 9099

Please download the MOU Document from Here

Agree to the Terms & Conditions

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Project Manager/Contact Name (ICTA)


Proposed service / Application

Proposed service / Application

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Software stack(s)/ versions to be used

Software stack(s)/ versions to be used (eg- Java,php,angular,etc)

Storage Requirement

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Service Request letter

Maximum Upload Size 32 MB

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Maximum Upload Size 15 MB