About LGC 2.0

Development and improvement of digital infrastructure has been identified as one of the key areas of development, specially aligned with the national policy of ‘Digitization of Economy’. In order to foster the benefits of the Information and Communication Technologies to the citizens while catering to the emerging needs of the government for enhancing the government service delivery, a fully-fledged cloud environment has become an essential need for delivering secure, reliable and cost-effective infrastructure services to the government.

ICTA, in collaboration with the line ministry, the Ministry of Telecommunication and Digital Infrastructure with other key stakeholders designed and implemented the version-2 of the Lanka Government Cloud (LGC 2.0) for achieving the above objectives. LGC 2.0 is the central and common government cloud, and it adopts a hybrid cloud model allowing access to vast public cloud resources. It has the capability of serving for any government requirement adopting any standard cloud delivery model, with the container support which ensures the effective utilization of resources with combination of scalability, availability, efficiency, flexibility, and usability. A big-data cluster is also available as a key component of the LGC 2.0, which can serve as the national platform for data management.